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For your computer/laptop, Adobe Lightroom Classic. For Android and IOS it is the free Lightroom photo editor app.
The app is free of charge, a one-time registration is required. The presets can be used with the free version of the app! A paid subscription is optional. The desktop version of Lightroom (Adobe Lightroom Classic) requires a monthly subscription to Adobe.
A step-by-step guide with screenshots can be found HERE, or in this video.
Digital products are excluded from exchange and return.
After purchase, the presets can be downloaded for the smartphone as well as for the computer. Please install the Lightroom Photo Editor app on your phone before you download. Then start downloading the individual presets. Each preset must be downloaded and installed separately.
It's perfectly normal. For example, it is likely that you used different white balance settings or a different shutter speed. Use the preset that comes closest to your subject, then play around with the sliders to optimize the result.
Yes, the presets and the Lightroom Photo App work the same way on the iPad as on the smartphone
Most presets are developed with JPEG images as most users only edit such files on their smartphone. Of course, RAW images can also be processed, maybe even with better results because there is more information stored in these files.